Long Beach CA.

based photographer.

Photography encouraged me to take risks, to embrace my own unique version and create the images that would stir the emotions of both my clients and me.

I being doing photography for over over 5 years.

My camera has taken me around shooting swimwear, food, portraits, engagements, pageants, music artist, fashion and many more. 

I just love photography, I love great images, experiencing the beauty that was locked into my senses the moment it was created.

I always tell y clients " choose a photographer that you like as a person, someone that makes you comfortable enough to be your self, to be silly to let your guard down so that your photos will be a true reflection of your personality and your relationship with your partner"

Your photos should feel like you, not just be a pretty picture of you.

I have been privileged to share so many special moments with my clients and their families, and to create those lasting memories that they will have for many lifetimes to come.

Thank you for stopping by to view my work.

Jose Luis Reyes Esquivel